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Prostitution / Solicitation

Contrary, to the belief of many, prostitution and solicitation of prostitution is illegal in Nevada. Many visitors come to Las Vegas and are surprised to learn that this the hard way, by being arrested. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has undercover officers who stage scenarios posing as a prostitute in an effort to lure in the potential customer, and, unfortunately, many step in to this trap. Consequently, the defendant faces solicitation of prostitution charges. Suddenly, what happens in Las Vegas does not stay in Las Vegas.

This type of a charge often is a Las Vegas visitor's first criminal charge in their life. This is tragic especially, when, they never had any real intention of engaging in sexual activity with anyone for money. In short, it was a meaningless exchange of words. There are a number of very good defenses to these types of charges, especially if a defendant faces a first time solicitation of prostitution offense.

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