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NV Gov. Sisolak Signs Two Criminal Justice Reform Bills into Law

In late May, Governor Steve Sisolak signed two criminal justice reform bills that restore voting rights to convicted felons and streamline the process of sealing records of individuals convicted of a criminal offense that is no longer illegal.

AB 431 immediately restores the voting rights of individuals convicted of non-violent felonies as soon as they are released from prison. However, if violence or force was involved in the crime, then the voting rights of these offenders will be restored two years after they’re released.

Once the bill takes effect on July 1, an estimated 77,000 Nevada residents will have their voting rights immediately restored. Additionally, this bill is retroactive, meaning those who have already served time for a felony offense can regain their civil rights.

AB 192—also known as the “Nevada Second Chance Act”—primarily addresses decriminalized offenses such as possession of cannabis. Now, anyone convicted of marijuana possession before Nevada decriminalized the controlled substance can get their criminal record sealed.

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