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Reasons Why Legal Gun Owners End Up In Jail

Despite being a licensed gun owner in Nevada, there are still ways for licensed citizens to end up in jail for possessing a gun or using it for self-defense purposes. At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, we understand that you have a constitutional right to protect yourself, your family and your property. However, there are certain circumstances you may face where you are punished for your actions, no matter how good and responsible your intentions were.

The following are reasons legal gun owners end up in jail in Nevada:

  • When the police arrive at the scene, rarely do the criminal(s) tell the truth. You may explain how you used your firearm in self-defense in order to protect yourself, your family and property. However, the criminal(s) may say that there was a deranged individual with a gun who initiated the attack.
  • Legal gun owners are not fully aware of the state laws. They may take their firearm to specific places which prohibit possession or use their firearm in a situation where they’re not permitted to legally do so. Understanding the gun laws surrounding possession and legal use is imperative to avoiding time in jail.
  • The police may not be fully informed about the laws. There have been cases when the police arrested licensed citizens arrested for crimes which did not even apply to the circumstances of the arrest, the wrong crime and crimes that don’t exist.
  • The role of the police is not to determine who is right or who is wrong at the scene. Police arrest everyone involved and let the courts or district attorney determine the next course of action or who gets punished.

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