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Are Restraining Orders Public Record in Nevada?

Allegations of domestic violence can escalate quickly, due to the legal protections in place for the alleged victim. Unfortunately, these protections are often abused in an attempt to harm another person or in an attempt to gain leverage in a family law case or other legal situations. Very suddenly, you could be facing criminal charges and a restraining order.

Criminal Records are Public Knowledge

The consequences of this reach far beyond immediate inconveniences or penalties. An arrest for domestic violence and a subsequent restraining order will appear on your record even if the charges are dropped. In Nevada, criminal records are public knowledge and your history will show up in background checks.

These charges will greatly affect the following:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing opportunities
  • Your freedoms

Expungement May Be an Option

In order to protect your future, it is worth looking into whether or not you are eligible to get your record expunged. A protective order might not be easily expunged from your record and it will take a dedicated defense attorney to help you evaluate your options and fight for your rights.

Fight to Clear Your Record with a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer!

At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, our skilled and experienced defense attorney can walk you through your legal options and help you fight for the best possible outcome in this case. Our firm is dedicated to challenging your charges and to helping you get your charges or convictions off of public record if you are eligible to do so. At our firm, you can expect personal attention and aggressive representation. Attorney David Fischer earned his Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution and has made a name for himself in obtaining reduced charges and even dismissed charges on behalf of his clients.

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