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Know Your Rights: Public Intoxication on the Strip

In Nevada, public drunkenness—also known as public intoxication—is not considered a criminal offense.

However, that does not mean you still cannot get in trouble for blatantly acting drunk in public or for intoxication itself. For example, operating a vehicle intoxicated is a DUI offense.

Even if you are not breaking the law, police can still find ways to take you into custody because the state of Nevada treats alcohol abuse and public drunkenness as a health issue. If law enforcement officers feel that you are too intoxicated to care for yourself or your drunkenness is harmful to your own safety, they may take you into either an alcohol treatment center or local jail.

If you are also arrested for a crime along with public intoxication—such as disturbing the peace or indecent exposure—the officer can take you straight to jail. Additionally, if you are intoxicated or considered intoxicated due to use of a controlled substance in public without a valid prescription, you could be arrested.

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If you have been taken into custody or arrested for a charged related to public intoxication, there is still a chance you could either get your charges reduced or your case dismissed altogether. At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, we offer knowledgeable and experienced legal support to local residents and visitors alike. We can evaluate your case and figure out the best option for you.

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