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Heroin Addiction & Overdoses on the Rise

Despite the long-fought “war on drugs” commissioned by legislators over the past several decades in the United States, it appears that overdose deaths – particularly those involving heroin – are on the rise. According to data released by the National Institute on Drug abuse, a division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, heroin overdoses have been sharply increasing every year since 2010, with just under 12,000 heroin-related deaths being recorded in 2014 alone. To put this in perspective, this jump marks a six-fold increase over the number of overdose deaths in 2001, with trends suggesting a further upward path in future years.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heroin abuse has dramatically increased all across the U.S. and spread to groups it previously hadn’t reached, with much of the abuse believed to be attributed to users abusing prescription painkillers and then moving on to heroin. Individuals of Caucasian, African-American, Latino, and Asian descent have all seen increased opioid abuse rates, with rates doubling among women and increasing 50% among men during the same time period.

Why Is This Happening?

According to CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden, the increased heroin use is likely due to the abundance of cheaper and purer heroin entering the United States. “Heroin costs roughly 5 times less than prescription opiates on the street,” Frieden commented. Since heroin produces roughly the same chemical effect on the brain as prescription opiates, many people easily switch the drug in order to achieve the same high, gradually taking more and more at a time to compensate for their bodies’ increased tolerances until a lethal dose is administered.

Unfortunately, the tragic increase in deaths and availability of heroin has also led to an increase in arrests for heroin-related crimes. As a Schedule I controlled substance, the possession, sale, and trafficking of heroin is strictly prohibited and can carry serious criminal penalties upon conviction.

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