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"Pawn Stars" Star Austin Russell Facing Drug & Weapons Charges

In March 2016, Las Vegas police officers raided the home of Austin Russell, who is better known throughout the world as Chumlee of Pawn Stars, History Channel’s popular reality television series about pawnbrokers. While searching his home, police reportedly found marijuana and methamphetamine, as well as “at least” one gun that constituted the criminal possession of a firearm; Chumlee is a “prohibited person” according to Las Vegas Metro Police Department officials.

It has been stated that Chumlee will accept a guilty plea bargain to reduce his sentencing and avoid jail time. The deal involves him admitting to attempting to possess illegal controlled substances but it does not include the firearms charge, which will be entirely stayed, sparing him of a felony conviction. The property the police seized during their raid will also be forfeited to the state.

Ongoing Investigations & Potentially Another Trial

Police cannot enter and search a home without first obtaining a warrant, something the Las Vegas Metro had during the March raid on Chumlee’s home. The warrant was granted after he had been accused of involvement in a sexual assault case. The investigation is still ongoing and Chumlee has not yet been arrested on any sexual assault charges. Although this could be indicative of a general lack of evidence to use against him in that case, it does mean he could be looking at more serious criminal charges in the near future.

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