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Domestic Violence: Not Just Physical Abuse

When most people hear the term “domestic violence,” they immediately think of a person physically punching, shoving, or beating their spouse or other member of their household. While physical abuse is indeed a form of domestic violence, the criminal act of domestic abuse can include a much wider range of acts. Nearly any act that involves fear or intimidation to control, threaten, or harm a spouse, domestic partner, romantic partner, or their family can be considered domestic abuse.

The following acts can all be considered domestic violence:

  • Physical harm: Punching, kicking, biting, slapping, choking, restraining, or bruising a romantic partner or member of one’s household are considered physical acts of abuse. Physical abuse is oftentimes the most obvious form of domestic violence, leaving cuts, bruises, broken bones, and other visible effects.
  • Verbal or nonverbal abuse: Verbal and nonverbal abuse consists of more subtle actions that inflict emotional and psychological damage. This can include threats, intimidation, destroying a victim’s personal property or threatening to do so, yelling and screaming, name calling, harassment, public humiliation, belittling a victim, blaming the victim for the abuser’s acts, and making a victim feel trapped in their situation.
  • Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse is frequently linked to physical abuse and can often result in additional charges being filed, such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual exploitation.
  • Stalking or cyberstalking: Harassing or threatening another person in a repetitive or devious fashion can be considered stalking. Stalkers frequently employ tactics such as making repeated phone calls, following, watching a victim with hidden cameras, showing up unexpectedly at a victim’s home, school, or work, sending frequent unwanted emails, or monitoring a victim’s phone or computer use.
  • Economic or financial abuse: Economic abuse involves withholding a victim’s financial resources, stealing or defrauding a domestic partner of their money or assets, exploiting a person’s resources for personal gain, or preventing a spouse or intimate partner from being able to work or pursue a desired occupation.
  • Spiritual abuse: In certain situations, abusers may use a victim’s religious or spiritual beliefs as a method of manipulation. This can include preventing a partner from practicing their religion, demeaning them for their beliefs, or forcing a religious upbringing on a partner’s children without their consent.

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