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Nevada: Dealing with Cases of Domestic Violence

According to statistics recently compiled by the Violence Policy Center, Nevada is still amongst the top 10 states in the country for the most reports and incidences of domestic violence. Specifically, the data correlated to the number of females killed by males in the state. On average, there are around 60,000 reports of domestic violence in the greater metropolitan Las Vegas area each year. As troubling as this information is upfront, it can be even more concerning given that Nevada has been on this list for a decade now.

Lethality Assessment Program

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) has tried to address and lessen this issue in the past by implementing the Lethality Assessment Program. While the ultimate goal to protect women from violence is obviously noble and good, there are two points of controversy in how LVMPD and the law are conducted these days:

  1. Police must make an arrest at the scene of a domestic violence disturbance, no matter how the situation may have calmed since first reported.
  2. Hearsay evidence – not hard proof or a statement given in court – is considered admissible evidence in domestic violence criminal cases.

Shedding a Biased Light

The problem with these numbers and these instances of legislation is that they might be creating oversensitivity within the justice system and a negative social bias without. Law enforcement officers are itching to make an arrest – or face their own set of consequences – and the courts are likely to already presume the accused is guilty because, according to statistics, he probably already is.

With it getting harder and harder for men to challenge domestic violence accusations each year, a strong defense requires a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who is growing and getting stronger each year as well.

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