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You Really Do Need a Lawyer: Three Reasons Why

You may not always think you need a lawyer for criminal defense, and you may not for an offense such as a speeding ticket. More times than not though, defendants charged with crimes are best served by hiring criminal defense attorneys. Here are a few reasons why.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Have the Experience You Don’t.

It’s theoretically possible for people to represent themselves in criminal defense cases by reading up on the laws, the precedents, and the courtroom procedures, but it’s impossible to fully grasp criminal law just by reading books. It takes experience to properly launch a defense, experience that criminal defense attorneys have.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Work on the Case When You Can’t.

Another problem with self-representation is that building a defense takes time. Most people simply don’t have much precious time to spend working on arguments. Defense attorneys, on the other hand, do. It’s their job, after all. They can gather information from witnesses, hire and manage investigators, and simply get things in order.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Save Defendants Money.

Defense attorneys might cost quite a bit to hire, but they can also save their defendants a ton. If a jury comes back with a guilty verdict, the defendant may have to face steep fines. Take a domestic violence lawsuit, for example. A defendant may have to compensate a plaintiff for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses.

Criminal charges are serious, and need to be taken seriously. While it’s more than possible to represent oneself in court, defense attorneys have the experience it takes to navigate the legal system, the time it takes to build a competent counter argument, and the means to help their clients.

If you’re facing criminal charges, do yourself a favor and get a lawyer. You don’t want to regret choosing to represent yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.