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One of the more common white collar crimes, fraud is considered the intentional use of deception or dishonesty to gain some sort of benefit, such as currency of favors. As this is somewhat of a generalized description of a crime, it can be arguably easy for law enforcement officials to pin this crime on you. If you are feeling like you are unfairly under the thumb of the law, it is time for you to stand up for your rights with the professionals from the Law Office of David R. Fischer.

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Different Forms of Fraud Crimes

As mentioned before, fraud is such a vague term, and law enforcement knows this. You could be put in cuffs for something you did not even know was illegal. In other cases, exaggerations or false accusations might be the only reason why you have been arrested. To challenge whatever comes your way, you need to know more about of what you are being accused.

Actions that can be considered fraudulent and criminal include:

  • Insurance fraud: Reporting false amounts of damage to your vehicle to collect more money from an insurance provider.
  • Credit card fraud: Using someone else’s personal credit card without their express consent, or actually creating fake credit cards.
  • Gambling fraud: Relying on information undisclosed to other players in a casino game to garner an advantage.
  • Identity theft: Assuming the identity of another person in order to access their personal information or accounts.
  • Mail fraud: Utilizing the federal mail system to commit some form of crime, usually related to assuming someone else’s identity.
  • Workers’ compensation fraud: Deceiving medical practitioners or employers into believing you are unable to work, and thus, collect compensation.

Defending Yourself from Serious Accusations

The prosecution is going to be after you the moment your case arises. The best way to defend yourself from their advances is to react quickly and intelligently. The sooner you start thinking about you case, the better your chances of success will be.

Keep in mind that the prosecution will need to prove that:

  • You acted in a fraudulent manner.
  • You did so with criminal intent.
  • You gained benefits or finances due to the behavior.
  • The person who gave you benefits or finances did so due to your behavior.

As with so many other things in life, shielding yourself from criminal accusations is always easier if you do not do it alone. Team up with our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer today!

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