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There are few criminal charges, if any at all, that are higher stakes than murder charges. The moment murder charges have been filed, media outlets from far and wide will gravitate to the story, putting pressure on the prosecution to get a conviction out of the case, even when the evidence is uncertain. When so much is on the line and the eyes of the public are pointed in your direction, are you going to be ready to defend yourself?

You can be, with the reputable, unwavering, and truly tenacious representation of Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney David Fischer of the Law Office of David R. Fischer. With a flawless 10.0 “Superb” Avvo rating, selection to Super Lawyers®, and an extensive list of positive client testimonials, there are few attorneys in the state, and perhaps the country, that can hope to hold up to Attorney Fischer’s reputation and skill. When you have been accused of the crime of murder, you need nothing less than a powerhouse standing between you and the prosecution.

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Defenses to Murder Charges

By its definition under Nevada law, murder is an act of homicide that is both completely intentional and premeditated; it is different from manslaughter, which is usually accidental or committed while not in a clear state of mind. Due to the grimness behind the act of murder, it is difficult to find a jury that does not have some degree of bias against the accused the moment they sit down to hear the trial. For this reason and many more, it is vital that you start working on a reliable defense the second you are put in cuffs. If you do not, you could be subject to a conviction that fines you thousands of dollars, sentences you to life in prison without parole, or even escalates to capital punishment.

Possible defenses our team can use in your case include:

  • Self-defense: Perhaps the most common and the most viable defense to murder is proclaiming it was an act of self-defense. Everyone has the right to defend themselves with force to prevent the undue harm or destruction of themselves, their property, or those around them. Evidence in your case could be used to show that you acted violently but out of necessity.
  • No premeditation: While it is not better than having your charges totally dismissed, a manslaughter conviction will be lighter than a murder conviction. If it can be proved that you had no premeditation before the homicide was committed, you could be seeing reduced sentencing, including the elimination of a possibility of capital punishment.
  • Mistaken identity: Many acts of murder play out between only the attacker and the victim. This leaves police with only speculation or incomplete eyewitness testimonies to identify the criminal. Were you arrested due to mistaken identity? Let our violent crimes attorney know and we can build a defense from there.

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Hesitation in your defense only gives more power to the prosecution. When you have been accused of murder, you have to act fast and know you chose an attorney capable of handling such a high profile case. Our law firm makes it easy by offering the services of a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who is also a skilled negotiator and litigator.

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