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While the internet has many useful qualities and has made us more connected than ever before, it has also become an easy way for many types of sex crimes to be committed. Police typically set up sting operations to catch suspects in the act, while prosecutors aggressively pursue the highest form of punishment in these matters.

If you are facing charges for any type of internet sex crime in Nevada, the Law Office of David R. Fischer is ready to provide strategic defense representation in order to protect your rights and future. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney has been included in Nevada’s Super Lawyers® list and was the 2014 Top Lawyer by Desert Companion Magazine. Do not risk facing these serious charges without experienced and award-winning legal counsel.

Defending Clients Against Various Internet Sex Crimes

Conviction of an internet sex crime, depending on the specific circumstances of the case, may lead to imprisonment, heavy fines, probation, and mandatory registration as a sex offender, which can be accessed by the public. This means future employers, neighbors, and others can be notified of your status as a sex offender, resulting in difficulty finding work or housing.

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer is prepared to provide effective and personalized defense representation against any type of internet-related sex crime charge, including:

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In some cases, it may be possible to argue that someone else had access to the computer used to commit the crime. In others, we may be able to provide evidence that the computer had a virus installed or was hacked. We could enlist the professional assistance of computer specialists who can help us build a strong defense strategy just for you.

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