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An indictment is a formal notice stating that you are suspected of committing a crime as well as your criminal charges. If a grand jury finds that there is enough evidence to charge you for a crime, then you will be indicted and required to go to trial. This is a frightening experience for defendants, as many times they are unaware that they were being investigated for a crime in the first place.

The Fifth Amendment asserts that “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.” The term “infamous crime” applies to criminal punishments that include more than one year in prison and/or hard labor. As such, indictments are often issued for felony charges because such penalties consist of many years in prison, fines, hard labor and other serious consequences.

Our indictment lawyer is committed to representing your criminal charges at every stage of the process, beginning from when you are being investigated, if possible. We understand how uncertain and stressed out you may feel during this unexpected time, but don’t lose hope. Our proven track record for favorable outcomes paired with our high-caliber defense could benefit your criminal case, so we encourage you to get started on fighting for your freedom right away.

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Indictment Process

The indictment, or charging, process begins when a prosecutor gathers information about an alleged crime from the individuals involved. After learning this information and compiling the evidence, the actions below will follow:

  1. A prosecutor will present evidence in the form of witnesses and documents to a grand jury consisting of 16-23 impartial citizens
  2. The grand jury listens to the prosecutor and witnesses and examines the evidence
  3. The grand jury secretly votes on whether there is enough evidence to charge you with a felony crime or not
  4. After you, the defendant, are charged, you must hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you

Although many states employ a grand jury in their indictment processes, it is not required. The Constitution only requires the federal government to utilize grand juries when charging a defendant for a felony crime, but not federal misdemeanors.

According to NRS 179.370, your indictment will look something like this:


The State of Nevada, plaintiff, against A. B., defendant (or John Doe, whose real name is unknown). Defendant A. B., above named, is accused by the grand jury of the County of ........................, of a felony (or of the crime of murder or other name of crime), committed as follows: The said A. B., on the ....... day of the month of ........... of the year ......., or thereabouts, at the County of .........................., State of Nevada, without authority of law and with malice aforethought, killed Richard Roe, by shooting with a pistol (or with a gun or other weapon, according to the facts).


District Attorney

or District Attorney, by Deputy.

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The earlier you fight your criminal charges, the better chance you have at achieving a successful result. This is because our indictment lawyer can protect your rights and identify flaws in your case at the very beginning, increasing the likelihood of getting your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

You’d be surprised to learn how often the prosecution makes mistakes and violates defendants’ rights following an indictment, which is why you must protect yourself at all costs. The Law Office of David R. Fischer is here to help you do just that.

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