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Getting caught committing a crime can pose many problems for you, including arrests, charges, and possible convictions. Generally, the trouble caused by an offense can be evidenced in the outcomes of your actions – but did you know that you can also be arrested without actually hurting anyone, and that planning a crime is a crime in and of itself?

In Nevada, you can be arrested and charged on grounds of conspiracy crimes if you and at least one other person agree to commit a crime. The controversy of this criminal violation is that there is often much left to speculation. Is this proactive justice or discrimination?

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Details of Conspiracy Charges

The trouble with conspiracy charges does not stop with their inherent vagueness. You can actually be charged with a crime you did not commit if you were found to planning to commit it. To give an example, this means that if there is enough evidence to charge you with conspiracy to commit murder, you could subsequently be charged with murder as well. To put that into perspective, you could serve a life sentence for an action you never fulfilled.

The key elements to conspiracy charges are:

  1. Two or more people working together
  2. Written or verbal agreement to commit a crime
  3. Some sort of open act to commit the crime

Penalties for conspiracy charges can vary depending on the alleged plan to commit a crime. The more severe the act that was conspired, the more harsh the punishments could be.

For the most part, conspiracies involve serious violations, so penalties might include:

  • Lengthy jail time
  • Steep fines
  • Probationary periods

Defending You Against Accusations

As a conspiracy charge might not be based on much solid evidence, defending against it usually requires the help of an aggressive, trial-tested criminal defense attorney. With our support, you can build a case that shields you from the scrutiny of the legal system and holds its own against whatever the stories presented by prosecution. In some cases, we can argue that the conspired plan was merely fantasy based on impossible probabilities, such as claiming you want to rob a bank using a helicopter when neither you nor anyone else you know can operate a helicopter. We can also argue for abandonment, which states that if there were ever any plans in place, they were dropped entirely by all parties well before the supposed “day of action” occurred.

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