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Arrested for Writing Bad Checks in Nevada?

Defense From a Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer

In Nevada, it is illegal to knowingly pass a check for more money than you have in your account. If you have been accused of using a “bad check,” you could be facing harsh criminal and civil penalties along with a wide range of fines. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of David R. Fischer can provide you with a powerful defense for your bad check case.

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What Penalties Do I Face?

Passing a bad check can result in a variety of charges, including larceny and fraud. Due to Nevada’s large gaming presence, charges of similar nature can be brought against a person for defaulting on casino markers. Penalties for a conviction will vary depending on the amount the fraudulent payment was worth and if the defendant has any prior history of passing bad checks.

If convicted, you could face the following consequences:

  • Restitution for the check amount
  • Up to four years in prison
  • Fines up to $5,000
  • A felony offense on your record

Allegations of writing bad checks can destroy a person’s reputation and potentially make finding employment a real struggle. If you are facing charges in relation to a bad check, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to determine the best course of action for your defense.

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At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, protecting the rights of our clients is our top priority. Our Las Vegas criminal attorneys are armed with the knowledge and determination to go the distance on your behalf, and we are committed to exploring every opportunity to pursue a reduction or dismissal of your charges.

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