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Arrested for an Ecstasy Crime in Las Vegas?

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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considered ecstasy – or methylenedioxymethamphetamine – to be a Schedule I drug, or one of the most dangerous illegal substances available. If you are caught with ecstasy in your possession in Nevada, you can be charged with both state and federal drug crimes, either likely being a felony. To defend yourself and uphold your future freedoms, you need to start thinking about your case right away.

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Crimes Involving Ecstasy

Ecstasy is one of the most popular “party drugs” in the world. As Las Vegas is commonly referred to as the party capital of the world with a raucous nightlife each and every night of the year, it may be no surprise to find that police officers are often zealous in their hunt for criminal offenders, particularly those holding ecstasy.

Your ecstasy crime charges may involve:

  • Possession: Having any amount of ecstasy on your person or in your personal property is illegal. There are no reduced sentences for lesser amounts, as even a single ounce can constitute a felony due to its Schedule I categorization.
  • Distribution: Transferring ecstasy from your hands to the possession of another constitutes distribution of an illegal narcotic, a felony that is considered more serious than simple possession.
  • Trafficking: Purchasing or selling ecstasy is technically drug trafficking. Law enforcement often attempt to slam alleged drug traffickers with the heaviest penalties, hoping to learn more about potential drug cartels through plea bargains.
  • Manufacturing: Ecstasy is not made of organic, naturally-occurring compounds, and it must be manufactured instead. You can be charged for manufacturing ecstasy for only having the means to do so, not necessarily ever actually producing the drug.

Resist High Fines and Lengthy Jail Time

A first-time conviction for ecstasy-related crimes will likely be for felony charges. By definition, this means you will be in jail for at least one year, if not much longer. You will also be forced to give the state thousands of dollars in fine as additional punishment.

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