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License Suspension

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Having your license suspended can greatly inconvenience yourself and your loved ones. These penalties are invoked after a driver has violated certain rules or regulations, often in relation to DUI. During this time, it is important to remember that it is extremely illegal to drive while your license is suspended. In fact, it might lead to further charges and penalties!

With a Las Vegas DUI attorney on your side, you can see what your options are with a suspended license. In some cases, you may be eligible to get a hardship license or other form of permit that allows you to drive to work, take care of ill or elderly family members, and the like. Whatever your circumstances, the Law Office of David R. Fischer is proud to pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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How to Reinstate a Suspended License in Nevada

If you have a suspended license, you must apply for a Nevada driver’s license reinstatement with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Typically, if a driver’s license is suspended due to a traffic violation, the DMV sends a notice that outlines details about the suspension as well as how to reinstate the license. The terms of reinstatement vary according to the crimes that the licensee committed.

If the crime was a misdemeanor, a driver may have to meet the following criteria:

  • The driver must resolve any outstanding criminal charges.
  • The driver must submit proof of financial responsibility (SR-22 form)
  • The driver must maintain coverage for at least 3 years, beginning on the date of reinstatement.
  • The driver must install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), if the driver was charged with DUI.

Reinstatement fees are involved in the process, but may vary. It’s important to get in touch with your local DMV branch to get the latest information.

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Whether your license was suspended due to a minor traffic violation or due to a DUI charge, the Law Office of David R. Fischer can work to restore your driving privileges. With years of experience and award-winning attorney representation, our criminal defense team has established a record of success!

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