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DUI Child Endangerment in Nevada

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Potential penalties for a DUI conviction in Nevada range from fines and classes to extensive prison sentences and intensive rehab programs. However, if the driver was transporting a child who is 14 years of age or younger at the time of the incident, he or she will face harsher penalties than if there were no child passengers.

If you have been charged with DUI while transporting a child under 15 years old, the Law Office of David R. Fischer may be able to get the charges reduced or possibly dismissed without a trial. Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can evaluate your case and determine all of your legal options in order to protect your rights, reputation, and future.

DUI Child Endangerment Laws & Penalties

Under Nevada law, having a child in the car while drunk driving is considered child endangerment. Child endangerment is similar to child abuse, occurring when a parent or guardian leaves or places a child in a dangerous situation. Even if no harm results from the arrest, you may be convicted of child endangerment by committing DUI with a child in the vehicle.

Since a first-time DUI is punishable by a maximum jail sentence of six months or a six-month suspended jail sentence upon completing other sentencing terms, the judge will impose a harsher punishment than usual. For example, instead of imposing a suspended sentence, you could end up serving jail time.

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If you have read about the possible penalties for child endangerment, you realize how severe this type of DUI can be. Whether you are a Las Vegas resident or you are from out of state, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can fight for you.

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