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The jury is still out when it comes to determining exactly how many spousal reports are falsified. Some data suggests as little as 2% and other say as many as 40%. With the numbers varied so widely, one thing remains certain: those accused of domestic violence against spouses require serious legal representation if they do not want to get swept up in a potentially-biased criminal justice system.

If you have been accused by your spouse of domestic violence and you feel that the allegations do not meet the reality of the situation, now is the time to defend yourself. Contact Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney David R. Fischer for the protective counsel you need. We have the case results required to back up our experience, including a recent battery and domestic violence case that was entirely dismissed.

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Defenses to Spousal Abuse Claims

There is no criminal accusation in our country’s legal system that does not merit defense. No matter the circumstances of the alleged crime, the accused must be afforded the right to defend themselves and have their side of the story heard and considered in the court of law. This is the cornerstone of our criminal justice system, and it must be upheld in the most serious of spousal abuse cases.

Defenses we can consider for your case include:

  1. Exaggeration: Domestic violence can stem from battery, assault, intimidation, false imprisonment, and more, but all of these acts can be open to interpretation. What you might have thought was typical yelling during a lover’s quarrel could be the grounds for your spouse’s domestic violence claim.
  2. Falsification: As previously mentioned, there is evidence to suggest that a noticeable percentage of domestic violence claims are falsified statements. Is there any evidence of violence? Do you have a history of peacefulness? We will need to consider all your options when arguing that the claims against you are lies.
  3. Necessity: Self-defense is always an option when it comes to your domestic violence charges. Most lawsuits are filed against men so society assumes they must be the aggressor. The reality is that anyone can inflict undue harm against their spouses, and defense may be necessary to protect yourself.
  4. Passion: “In the heat of the moment” is a phrase you can hear in many spousal abuse cases. While it might not argue that the charges need to be dismissed entirely, you could successfully have your sentencing reduced considerably if you can prove that you only acted while you had lost control of yourself due to provocation and with no premeditation or original intent to harm someone.

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The outcome of your domestic violence and spousal abuse case could impact all facets of your life for the rest of your life. You could lose thousands in fines and restitution, lose years behind bars, lose your right to see your children, and even lose your ability to live within your hometown. Get our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney on the case and rebalance the scales of justice in your favor.

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