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Innocent people are frequently accused of harassment due to simple misunderstandings or for blatantly false reasons. If not handled with the assistance of an experienced attorney, harassment charges can expose you to hefty legal consequences and inflict serious damage to both your personal and professional reputation.

At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer understands the severity of your situation and can provide the aggressive legal counsel you need to minimize the penalties you face. Having successfully defended hundreds of accused defendants, we know what you are up against and can craft a powerful strategy in pursuit of a reduction or dismissal of your charges.

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What Is Harassment?

Harassment in Nevada is an extremely broad crime which can include a variety of actions. In general, harassment refers to any intentional threat of harm severe enough to where the targeted person reasonably fears that the threat will be carried out. Such threats may include bodily injury, damaged property, false imprisonment, or any other act intended to harm another person’s mental or physical wellbeing. These threats may be made by words or conduct and are frequently connected with incidents of domestic violence, with threats of future harm still being sufficient to warrant charges.

A conviction of simple harassment in Nevada can carry the following charges:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Up to a $1,000 fine
  • A misdemeanor criminal record

Subsequent offenses can have double penalties, with threats of severe bodily harm or death carrying up to 15 years imprisonment upon conviction. Finally, Harassment involving the use of the internet or text messaging can be charged as a category C felony, mandating up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 in fines upon conviction.

Standing By Your Side Every Step of the Way

Though our nation’s criminal justice system may be based on the principle that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, merely the implication that a person may have engaged in criminal harassment can be enough to introduce doubts and prejudices in the minds of jurors and prosecutors. At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney has the vast legal resources and experience to match the tenacity of the prosecution and expose weaknesses in your accuser’s claims, allowing you to rest easy knowing your rights are protected. With unshakable support both inside and outside the courtroom, we have what it takes to maximize your chances of securing a favorable result.

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