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Facing Emotional Abuse Allegations in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence in Nevada legal statutes do not need to always include actual acts of physical harm or aggression. Sometimes a person may claim to have been repeatedly abused due to the intentional infliction of emotional harm and mental anguish. For many who are accused of emotional abuse, the allegation seems to come out of nowhere, as they never knew that their behavior was damaging the accuser.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation and are not sure what to do, you should start by calling 702.866.9864 and speaking to the Law Office of David R. Fischer. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney stands up for the rights of the criminally accused, no matter the details of the charges against them. Use a complimentary case evaluation today to discover what you can do in your defense against emotional abuse accusations.

What is Considered Emotional Abuse?

The law regarding emotional abuse in domestic violence cases exists within a considerable gray area. The vagueness of the statute means that charges could be brought up without clear circumstances, but it also means that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can dismantle the prosecutions claims more easily. The first step to protecting your reputation and future is understanding how the law usually sees emotional abuse.

The following actions may constitute emotional abuse:

  • Belittling without provocation
  • Punishing for mistakes but never rewarding accomplishments
  • Bullying and name-calling
  • Bringing up past failures in order to cause distress
  • Encouraging self-destructive behavior
  • Insults that are known to be upsetting

It should be noted that emotional abuse is generally considered to be the result of repeated incidents. Having one altercation with your spouse and insulting their intelligence, for example, should not be enough to constitute emotional abuse. Typically, the accuser must be able to show that the emotional abuse was so persistent, it has begun to seriously affect their wellbeing.

Legal Counsel in Your Time of Need

It can be intimidating to learn that your spouse or family member has brought emotional abuse accusations against you. A domestic violence conviction can cause you to pay high fines, restitution to the alleged victim, serve jail time, and even lose child custody rights. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will be certain to do all he can to have your charges minimized or reduced.

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