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Under Nevada State law, coercion can actually be manipulated to become a type of catchall accusation for a wide variety of actions. This ability stems from the general vagueness of the crime’s definition, which involves forcing or convincing another person to do or not do something. Like anything that is spread too thinly, coercion accusations are actually weak, not strong, due to the generalization of the crime when challenged by an experienced defense attorney.

When you are charged with coercion, you need a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer you can trust. You need someone who will not back down and knows how to exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. At the Law Office of David R. Fischer, we pride ourselves in providing aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation to our clients that tirelessly works to uphold their rights.

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How Severe are Coercion Accusations?

To some people, influencing another to either complete or stop an action does not seem like a crime so much as it seems like a side effect of being charismatic. The circumstances surrounding the influencing, however, are what can make the act the crime of coercion.

If coercion causes any of the following scenarios, it could be considered a punishable criminal violation:

  • Stopping someone from calling the authorities
  • Influencing someone to give you money or benefits
  • Convincing someone to commit a crime
  • Preventing someone from helping another in serious need

It is important to distinguish coercion from extortion to fully understand your charges. Extortion involves the threat of physical injury to gain some property or currency; coercion involves similar or thinly-veiled threats to cause or stop an action.

An Interesting Take on Coercion Charges

In Las Vegas, Nevada, prostitution is, in fact, illegal, despite a popular misconception. Law enforcement seem to know that not many people know this in the way that they use undercover police officers in an attempt to catch solicitors, or johns. Coercion becomes interesting when applied to such cases, as it could be suggested that an undercover officer posing as a prostitute has used coercion to convince the solicitor into the illegal act of hiring a prostitute. Would the prosecution's claims still be valid in that case?

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