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Bail Reduction in Las Vegas

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If you have been arrested for a criminal violation in Nevada and subsequently put behind bars, you are entitled to a reasonable amount of bail. The bail amount should be reflective of your alleged crimes, generally being somewhat low for infractions and steeper for felonies. If you believe you are being held in jail with no possibility of being released due to an unreasonably high bail, contact the Law Office of David R. Fischer and speak to our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer today.

How is Bail Set?

A county-appointed judge will be responsible for determining a fair bail amount. As most common crimes in Nevada – such as burglary and prostitution – have a somewhat-standardized bail amount, you could be in and out of the jailhouse in a matter of hours. When the price seems to be incredibly high, things can become more complicated. It might be possible that the judge was unaware of standard limits, or that they are in possession of information about your arrest that even you are not aware of.

What Can Be Done If the Bail is Excessive?

Being accused of stealing $100 worth of items from a liquor store might hit you with a $1,000 bail amount. If you are facing a bail of $10,000 in a similar situation, it might be considered excessive. This will give you the opportunity to request that it be reduced.

You may requesting a bail reduction, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Retain a lawyer: Even apparently simple procedures in the criminal justice system can become complicated if you do not know all of the rules and legislation. You also do not want to risk losing what could be your only chance to have your bail reduced because you were unsure of the process.
  2. Compose your argument: The more thorough you can be in your reasoning for requesting reduced bail, the better. A judge will not be impressed and may not be persuaded by an argument that simply states that the amount is too high. You need to be able to show why it is too high.
  3. Request a hearing: You will need to request a bail hearing to actually present your argument to the court. If you are lucky, the hearing will be scheduled the next day. In some situations, it could be days away. In such a situation, ask your lawyer about other ways to speed up the process.

Contact Us Before You Accept that Bail Bond

There are plenty of bondsmen in Vegas who want to sell you the promise of getting you out on bail for a small fee. What they do not tell you is that you might have to pay interest, or that you may be able to lower your bail with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In some situations, you may even be able to use a waiver and be released without any bail payment, depending on how your lawyer can negotiate with the court.

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