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Vagos Motorcycle Club Members Acquitted of All Charges

In a trial that lasted over 5 months, 8 Vagos Motorcycle Club members were acquitted of all charges. If they were convicted, they could have been imprisoned for life.

The Vagos members were accused of being involved in a racketeering enterprise and faced federal charges for various violent crimes, including murder and using a firearm to commit murder. The case began in July of 2019 and was focused on the fatal shooting of the leader of rival motorcycle club Hells Angels.

Allegations of Murder

The prosecution alleged that in 2011, during a motorcycle festival called Street Vibrations, the Vagos members got into an altercation with members of Hells Angels. Eventually, weapons were drawn, and the Hells Angels leader was murdered.

The defense argued that the death of the Hells Angels leader was not a murder, but rather an attempt of the Vagos members to stop an active shooter.

Recanted Story of an Assassination Attempt

During testimony, the prosecution's star witness said that the murder of the Hells Angels leader was planned. However, he later recanted that story and admitted to lying about one of the Vagos members giving the okay to shoot the Hells Angels leader. Although the prosecution disavowed that testimony, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro, who heard the case, denied the defense's motion to have the case thrown out. She stated it was up to the jury to decide.

The jury deliberated for 17 hours over 4 days and voted to acquit the 8 Vagos members of all charges.

Click here to read the full article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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