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Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped?

In some cases, after domestic violence charges are brought against another person, such as a friend or family member, the alleged victim decides to change their mind. Whether they changed their mind due to guilt or perhaps to realizing they exaggerated the situation to law enforcement, this decision can affect the outcome of your case.

Will Prosecution Immediately Dismiss My Case?

In short, no, the prosecution will not immediately dismiss your case if the victim says they want to drop charges. Part of this is because many victims who actually suffer abuse are intimidated into dropping the charges.

It is not up to the victim to determine whether criminal complaints will be filed or pursued.

Ultimately, the prosecuting team will evaluate the case and determine whether to pursue charges. They will take into account the victim’s wishes and work to decide whether the victim made up their accusations out of spite or anger.

What to Understand about Reporting Domestic Violence in Nevada

Part of the reason that prosecution is hesitant to drop charges at the victim’s request is that it could create a precedent in which people assume they can hurl accusations of abuse at another and simply drop them whenever they want, with no “real harm” done.

In Nevada, you need to understand these things about reporting domestic violence:

  • Someone will be arrested: In response to a call reporting domestic violence, police are legally required to arrest someone at the scene.
  • Both parties might be arrested: If police can’t determine a primary aggressor, they may arrest both parties. Whoever inflicted greater damage is the primary aggressor.
  • You can’t just change your mind: As explained above, reporting domestic violence can’t simply be brushed away. It begins an involved legal process in which you do not call the shots.

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