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Choosing a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas

If you have been charged with a crime, your first priority should be to hire a powerful criminal defense team. But which attorney is right for you? With the myriad of advertisements and billboards for criminal defense lawyers strewn throughout Las Vegas, it can be difficult to know if an attorney is legitimate or simply out to get your money. To help ensure you choose quality representation, it is important you consider the following factors.

1. Are they specialized? While many attorneys claim to be able to “handle” criminal defense cases, they may not have the extent of knowledge that a dedicated criminal defense attorney can provide. When considering that a criminal conviction can potentially expose you to serious consequences such as jail time and harsh fines, having this level of experience and knowledge on your side can be crucial in your defense.

2. Are they highly rated? One of the best ways to determine how an attorney will treat your case is by taking a look at what past clients have to say about them. A great lawyer will have a reputation that matches their skills. Check client review sites as well as past client testimonials and recommendation from your friends and family. While even the best lawyers have a few dissatisfied clients from time to time, if the general consensus is that they are solid, they probably are.

3. Are they passionate? You do not want a lawyer that is just going through the motions representing you. You need a lawyer that loves their work and truly has an interest in the outcome of your case. Look for an attorney that will listen to your story, show interest and fight for you.

4. Are they personable? While a lawyer may have a stunning website, the only real way to get a feel for what they can offer your case is by meeting with them. You should feel confident in your attorney’s abilities, as they will likely have your future in their hands. If they seem arrogant or make you feel rushed, it may be wise to look elsewhere. Go with your gut.

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