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How to Fight Prostitution Charges in Las Vegas

Have you been arrested for allegedly soliciting, pandering or engaging in prostitution in Las Vegas? If so, it is imperative that you retain the services of a powerful criminal defense attorney who can protect you against expensive fines and possible jail time. Depending on the unique circumstances of your situation, a lawyer can employ several different defense strategies to disprove the prosecution’s claims and advocate for a dismissal of your charges.

Possible Defenses for Prostitution


An entrapment defense can possibly be used to combat prostitution charges. Oftentimes, police officers will perform undercover sting operations by posing as prostitutes or solicitors of prostitution. If the undercover officer is able to coax a person into agreeing to exchange money for sexual favors, they will make an arrest on prostitution charges. This can be controversial, as it is illegal for police to induce or encourage a person to commit a crime. If you were arrested in a sting operation and expressed a desire to not go ahead with the proposed sexual transaction, you may have been the victim of entrapment.

Lack of Evidence

Lack of evidence is another commonly used defense. A skilled lawyer can sometimes convince the prosecution that there is insufficient evidence to convict their client if not all elements of the crime were satisfied. This can be accomplished by questioning whether or not a definite agreement took place regarding the exchange of money or sex, or by arguing that no further action took place after an agreement was made.

False Accusation

Mistaken criminal conduct is another valid defense strategy, as people are sometimes arrested simply for being in a place that is known for prostitution or solicitation. If you did not intend to engage in a sexual act, or if you were simply responding to a call girl to secure a date, you may not be convicted. Since these types of charges can stem from a variety of different situations, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible to determine the most strategically advantageous defense to pursue.

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