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Tips for Avoiding Trouble with the Law in Las Vegas

Fabulous Las Vegas is a frequent holiday destination for people all around the globe who want to let loose and have some unparalleled fun with friends and family. But the nickname “Sin City” isn’t all about wild nights and exciting days. Law enforcement officials are still there to control the populace and make certain order reigns supreme.

If you are visiting Las Vegas for some fun, keep these hints in mind to help you avoid landing in legal trouble:

  1. Public intoxication: Anyone over the age of 21 can walk around with an open alcohol container in their hand in Las Vegas, and public intoxication is not an outright offense. The behaviors typically associated with public intoxication are, however. If you get too rowdy, disruptive, or obscene in Las Vegas, you are asking to get put in handcuffs just like anywhere else.
  2. Casino crimes: Much of the allure of Las Vegas is the chance to rake in big dough in a huge casino, beating the house against all odds. Just make certain you’re not breaking any rules to do so. Always check up with casino regulations before placing your bets to avoid inadvertently committing a casino crime, such as counting cards or gambling while drunk (see above).
  3. Medical marijuana: Walk down the strip at night and someone is eventually going to ask you if you want to purchase some marijuana. This is illegal. Even though Las Vegas is usually considered the party capitol of the 50 States, marijuana is still strictly for medical use only and must be given through prescription.
  4. Prostitution: While we are on the subject of mistaking a crime for something that is legal based solely on popularity or hearsay, prostitution is considered illegal in most situations and in most locations in Nevada and Las Vegas. Only highly regulated and licensed brothels within the state may legally offer this unique service.

Even the Best Laid Plans

As careful as you might be when you are out having a blast on the Las Vegas strip, you could find yourself in some sort of trouble. What can you do then, especially if you were just a visitor to the city? Contact the Law Office of David R. Fischer, of course. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can hear your claims during an initial appointment and has a deliberate focus on representing and protecting the rights of tourists. Call 702.866.9864 today to get started.