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I Was Arrested for a DUI in Vegas - What Do I Do Now?

Las Vegas, Nevada is known the world over as a party city. People understandably want to have fun on the strip from sun up to sundown. In the wild nights and exciting days, however, mistakes can easily be made, and you might find yourself getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) while trying to get back to your hotel or cruising to the next casino.

You were only trying to have some fun with your friends and family – so what can be done now to defend yourself against the harsh scrutiny of an unforgiving legal system?

Stay Calm and Get Help

Just about everything that can be used against you at any future hearings or trials is going to stem from your actual arrest. Try to recall what happened and how.

Did you take any field sobriety tests (FST)? Even though a police officer will usually request for you to take an FST, you are not under any obligation to do so. Did you refuse to submit to any chemical testing, such as blood, breath, or urine samples? In Nevada, drivers are subject to an “implied consent” law, which states that if they are using public roadways, they will submit to any chemical tests an officer requests, or face legal penalties. Refusing to take any chemical tests could trigger an automatic license suspension.

No matter what happened during your arrest, it is important not to overact after the fact. Do not supply any additional information to the police and get some help from a professional Las Vegas DUI attorney as soon as possible. With their support, you might have your charges reduced or dropped, and the arrest might be kept off your record.

But I Was Only Visiting!

A disproportionate number of people arrested in Las Vegas for DUIs are not actual residents of Nevada State. Instead, they are visitors who are in the city for just a few days. If you live in New York and were arrested on the Vegas strip, does this mean you need to come all the way back to Nevada to defend yourself?

In most cases, the answer is no. First and second offenses are typically misdemeanors, which can be handled entirely by a Vegas DUI lawyer on your behalf. An attorney could even go to any subsequent DMV hearings for you. It all boils down to finding an attorney that is willing to go the extra mile for you.

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