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Possible Plea Bargain in Vegas Casino Cheating Crimes Case

Due to the frantic pace of a casino, it can be difficult for staff and security to keep track of what is being done at each gambling table. It seems that a former dealer at the Bellagio has taken advantage of that hectic situation by allowing his friends to cheat during games of craps. Allegedly, he took bets after the dice were rolled, or paid them out whether they won or not. In total, about one-million dollars were illegitimately paid out.

In an attempt to secure a lesser charge, the former craps dealer has pled guilty and agreed to testify against his three co-defendants, who include two friends and another employee of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Whether or not his statements will be accepted as admissible evidence is yet to be seen.

What Constitutes Cheating in a Casino?

In Las Vegas, casino cheating crimes cover a broad range of actions. In fact, some of the law is very much open to interpretation, as it defines cheating as anything that can be perceived as an action that is outside the rules of the game, or creates an “unfair” advantage. This means that your subconscious ability to count cards in a deck could be grounds to arrest you.

More specific forms of Las Vegas casino cheating crimes include:

  • Gambling fraud
  • Using a device that enables cheating
  • Counterfeiting chips
  • Conspiring with the dealer (as seen in the aforementioned case)

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