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Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas?

If you have ever been down the Las Vegas strip, you undoubtedly saw people engaging in gambling, public intoxication, and other various forms of having a good time in a way that is somehow different than other cities in America. At first glance, it might seem like nothing is off limits, but there are actually plenty of laws and legislation controlling how people may conduct themselves in Sin City. Out of all the misunderstandings of the rules, those surrounding prostitution are probably at the top of the list.

Nevada Prostitution Laws

Prostitution and any of the acts surrounding it – such as solicitation and pandering – are strictly illegal in Las Vegas.

As contrary to popular belief as it may be, prostitution is only legal in eight counties in the state, not including Clark County, which contains the entirety of Las Vegas, strip or otherwise.

The only time someone may legally engage in a sexual act for a fee in those eight counties is to visit a highly regulated and licensed brothel.

Arrested for Prostitution Crimes in Las Vegas?

It is not terribly uncommon for a female police officer to go undercover in plain clothes on the Vegas strip to seek out “johns”, or someone who hires a prostitute. However, they take things one step further by not necessarily offering to engage in sexual congress, but instead to allude to their interest. By behaving in this way, someone who attempts to hire them as the prostitute they seem to be is no longer committing a misdemeanor, but instead a felony for pandering; the act of pandering is convincing or encouraging someone to work as a prostitute.

Most cases of prostitution crimes in Las Vegas hinge on what was said or offered, not on what was actually committed. Law enforcement largely depends on people accepting the charges or leaving the state after visiting for a vacation, making it inconvenient to defend themselves. By retaining a professional Las Vegas prostitution attorney, you may be able to challenge the accusations against you and secure a reduced sentence or total dismissal.

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