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3 Shocking Domestic Violence Facts You Need to Know

Domestic violence is a horrifying part of modern society, and most people know it. What many don’t realize, however, is that it’s a far more rampant problem than people believe. Here are a few shocking facts that show just how prevalent domestic violence really is.

Millions Experience Domestic Violence Each Year.

Each year, about 1.3 million women become the victims of domestic abuse in the United States. And that’s just for one year. So pervasive is the problem that a shocking one in four women will experience domestic violence at least once during their lifetimes. They’re not alone, either. Though in far fewer numbers, men face domestic violence as well. Each year, about 835,000 men are the victims of domestic violence in the United States.

Domestic Violence Strains the Economy.

Every year, medical expenses that come as a result of domestic violence total between $3 and $5 billion. Businesses lose another $100 million in lost wages, sick time, absenteeism, and non-productivity.

Physical Violence Isn’t the Only Thing That Constitutes Domestic Violence.

One of the first things defendants ask their domestic violence lawyers about is what is considered domestic violence, and many don’t like the answer. Basically, domestic violence is broken down into five different categories: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, and financial.

Sexual domestic violence involves coercing or attempting to coerce any sexual contact without consent, or attempt to undermine the victim’s sexuality. Psychological domestic violence involves instilling fear, or isolating the victim from friends and family. Emotional domestic violence involves undermining or attempting to undermine a victim’s sense of self-worth, such as mocking them or belittling them. Economic domestic violence involves taking or attempting to take away the victim’s financial independence. If abusers have been striking their partners, then chances are they’ve been doing a number of other acts that constitute domestic violence, giving them all the more reason to find and hire criminal defense attorneys.

If you’ve experienced domestic violence, get help now. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, make sure you have a domestic violence lawyer who will make sure your side is heard. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.