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Battery Domestic Violence Convictions & Collateral Consequences

A battery domestic violence conviction in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada is serious. Most obviously, because a person convicted, faces up to six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $1,000. However, what is less obvious, and sometimes possibly of greater long-term concern, are the many, so-called “collateral consequences,” which can flow from this type of a conviction.

The following is a brief overview of some of the most common collateral consequences:


A person who has a conviction for a battery domestic violence misdemeanor offense will likely be prohibited from purchasing a firearm. Also, a person with a Las Vegas Clark County, Nevada battery domestic violence conviction is not going be able to obtain a concealed weapons carry permit. In short, the right to bear arms is a fundamental civil right, which is affected by this type of a conviction.

Employment Opportunities

Many employers require background checks and possibly security clearances (government jobs). To have a Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada battery domestic violence misdemeanor conviction may negatively impact a person’s ability to obtain certain types of employment or it could impact the possibility for promotions or lateral job transfers. This could mean financial hardship and/ or prevent future career growth.

Immigration Consequences

To be convicted of domestic battery for a person who is not a US citizen could be detrimental to that person’s efforts to obtain US citizenship and/or to remain legally in the US. It is common for Non-US citizens who are charged with domestic battery to have a hold placed on them by US immigration authorities, which means that they could face deportation to their country of origin. For Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada residents this could be akin to a death sentence, because for many non-US citizens they have lived in the US most of their lives, and to be returned to their country of origin is akin to being exiled.

Collateral consequences can be mitigated and or avoided with the assistance of an experienced domestic battery attorney. Our office routinely helps our clients navigate the Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada criminal justice system to avoid not only costly fines and jail time, but also the collateral consequences discussed above.

If you have been charged with battery constituting domestic violence, misdemeanor / gross misdemeanor / felony, in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, contact the Law Office of David R. Fischer today to schedule your free consultation.