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The Top 5 Defenses in Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a very serious offense, and it’s a good thing that our criminal justice system takes these allegations seriously. It’s estimated that one in four women experiences domestic violence at some point in her life, and — although these numbers are far less publicized — about 835,000 men are abused each year. But if you’ve been unfairly accused of domestic violence, you also need to find a criminal defense lawyer and understand how criminal defense cases involving domestic violence usually play out.

Common Defenses for Domestic Violence

Here are the five most common explanations given in DV criminal defense cases:

  1. The Police Arrested the Wrong Suspect

A defendant may claim that although abuse occurred, it was perpetrated by someone else. Normally, the defendant’s lawyers will attempt to demonstrate that he or she was somewhere else when the abuse occurred.

  1. The Plaintiff is Making False Allegations

Unfortunately, sometimes people will make false accusations of domestic violence against a partner, perhaps to gain the upper hand in a child custody or divorce case that is also ongoing. This can be exposed through a lack of consistency in the plaintiff’s account, or documents establishing a bad history between the plaintiff and the defendant.

  1. The Injuries Occurred as the Result of an Accident

Sometimes, people really do slip, or hurt one another accidentally. This is usually checked by comparing the plaintiff’s physical injuries against both people’s accounts of what happened.

  1. The Defendant Acted in Self-Defense

Generally, people are allowed to use force when they believe they are in imminent danger of harm or are protecting their children from imminent harm. If the defendant used force but was not the initial aggressor, then this defense may hold up.

  1. There’s a Lack of Evidence

All criminal defense cases require the prosecution to prove the defendant’s guilt; it’s not up to criminal defense attorneys to prove their client’s innocence. Essentially, this means that a lack of evidence can prevent a conviction.

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